Do you believe in quick commercial leases?

In the past month, my limiting belief that commercial leases take a long time has been challenged. On a Tuesday at 4:30 pm, I got a call from a prospect who needed an outside storage space within 24 hours. So we crafted a perfect offer to the decisive owner / attorney on a property I represent. Within 22 hours, we had an LOI, ran background checks, signed a lease plus had checks.

Then an industrial tenant was on his mission to find his space. We toured 2 properties I suggested and he selected one. The owner / landlord knew what they wanted in an offer and so did the tenant. Together we reached a executed lease in under 30 days.The third time, I toured 3 units and the out of state prospect pulled out his checkbook and writes his checks before we negotiated the lease. The high tech owner / landlord made things happen. The tenant moved in 8 days later with phone and internet services!

Commercial leases can be quick or slow.

A quick lease requires a skillful broker to create a speedy match. It requires both a decisive tenant and landlord plus a ready lease. It is possible to sign a commercial lease in a day, a week or a month, when all the parties work efficiently together towards that executed lease.

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